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SP: Contemporary pop culture is incomple

Some passages from Lionel Trilling’s chapter on Mansfield Park in the Pelican Guide to English Literature vol 5 (and then some development of his point):

The concern with the profession was an aspect of the ethical concept which was prepotent in the spiritual life of England in the nineteenth century, the concept of duty. The Church, in its dominant form and characteristic virtue, was here quite at one with the tendency of secular feeling; its preoccupation may be said to have been less with the achievement of salvation than with the performance of duty.

State of the Blog

If you are reading this, I am probably already dead…

No, I’ve just been pulled in other directions. Owing to (1) preparing to do a part-time research master’s, (2) a resurgence of anxiety and depression, and (3) committing to writing film reviews over here, I have had less ability to post.

But I have returned (like Sauron) and intend to at least finish season one of Person of Interest and the series on pornography.

I have also changed my mind about some parts of online writing, more to follow on that.

Keep flying, cowboys.